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Karen GoatKeeper welcomes you to this website, home of GoatKeepers Press.

Upcoming Book Signing

Saturday, August 31, there will be a book and art sale and exhibit at Meramec Vineyards Winery in St. James, MO, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The winery offers food and wine for sale. Local authors will be displaying their books. Local artists will have art on display.

Two New Books For the Serious Botanists

"Asclepias Volume 1" by Richard Edward Rintz
“Asclepias Volume 1” by Richard Edward Rintz

All right, “Asclepias: A Study of the Living Plants of the United States” has been on the site for some time. What’s new is that is will be listed on Amazon next week.

"Asclepias Volume 2" by Richard Edward Rintz
“Asclepias Volume 2” by Richard Edward Rintz

This book took years, thousands of miles and countless hours of research to complete. Dr. Rintz went to find each of the sixty plus plants in the genus Asclepias, get their pictures and a couple of flowers. He then studied the flowers and drew them and their parts. He grew many of the plants and has extensive information on growing them in the book.

"Asclepias Volume 3" by Richard Edward Rintz
“Asclepias Volume 3” by Richard Edward Rintz

Each plant has its own section with its history, pictures and biology. As Dr. Rintz grew many of these plants, he discusses their germination and cultivation as well.

Discovering the Floral Biology of Ceropegia by Dr. Richard Rintz
This book is English translations of the German papers describing how the flowers of the genus Ceropegia work.

There is a brand new botany book offered by Dr. Rintz: “Discovering the Floral Biology of Ceropegia” coming onto the site this week. The sample pages and cover image [my image for Amazon is far too large for the site] are taking more time than anticipated. This book too will be offered through Amazon by next week.

In the New World there are the pipevines in the genus Aristolochia and Dr. Rintz has published a volume with the translations of botanical papers about these flowers.

In the Old World similar flowers are found in the genus Ceropegia. These flowers were studied for over a century in Germany with many papers about them published in German. Dr. Rintz has translated these papers into English and assembled the translations with numerous illustrations in this book.

Dwindling Supply

“My Ozark Home” is finally in print, in limited numbers as printing such books is expensive. They are available through Amazon. Go to the “My Ozark Home” book page to see a sample of the book and purchase your copy.

My Ozark Home by Karen GoatKeeper

“My Ozark Home” pdf is available

I have put the pdf on Smashwords. It is available for $2.99. The book is only available as a pdf because, out of 110 pages, 100 of them include photographs.

Sample pages are available.

The print version is available on Amazon for $29.99.

Purchasing Books

Buying anything on line can be risky. Security is a big issue. I am not knowledgeable enough to provide this. So, any book purchase from my site is handled by other secure sites: Amazon, Kindle or Smashwords.

Check out the book pages, read the sample pages. Clicking on the Buy Buttons will take you to the appropriate secure place to purchase the book.

That leaves the pdf versions for my three nonfiction books: Exploring the Ozark Hills; Goat Games; and The Pumpkin Project. These are $2.99 each. Anyone wanting a copy of these needs to email me from the contact page. We can make arrangements through PayPal.

Exploring the Ozark Hills by Karen GoatKeeper

Macedonian pepper Aivar provides container bounty

High Reaches has a progress report on the pepper container plants.

Monarch butterfly on butterfly weed

Ozark Hills notes the beginning of the fall Monarch butterfly migration.

Updates are normally done on Wednesday afternoons. This is subject to weather or disaster delays.

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The Pumpkin Project by Karen GoatKeeper

Goat Galleries

Nubian doe

New goat pictures are in the gallery. Augustus did his best to look awful. This season’s kids are now only pictures.

Nubian doe High Reaches Silk's Drucilla

Glad You Stopped By

Things change here on KarenGoatKeeper almost every week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and found some topics of interest. You are welcome to drop by again.

Nubian buck Goat Town USA Gaius
Goat Town USA Gaius is glad to meet you and hopes you will come back again.

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  1. Pat Johnson

    Karen, got your two new books and enjoyed them very much. I especially liked the ‘pooka’…..I have always enjoyed Harvey so this was special. Pat

  2. Pat Johnson

    Karen, I got my copy of Yarns of Ozark Storytellers and its GREAT. The one thing I always enjoyed when I lived there was the stories everyone brought in to the Cultural Center & shared with me. I miss that part. Was a great book!

  3. Elaine

    Thank you for your wonderfully detailed webpage on Wood Sage! I think I was able to successfully identify this volunteer growing in my native garden. We’ll see once it flowers 🙂

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