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Karen GoatKeeper welcomes you to this website, home of GoatKeepers Press.

Winter Woes

Was it the flu? Was it a cold? All I know was I was sick, in bed, miserable.

Did I think of you, my visitors? Yes. I even thought of topics to write about.

I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Next week those topics will get written. And posted.

I wish all good health. This virus is no fun.

Spring gets closer each day gone by. It’s now 14 days to March.

Are You planning for Spring Planting?

Pumpkins are fun to grow, fun to experiment with, fun to read about, fun to work puzzles about.


The Pumpkin Project

Check out a book dedicated to pumpkin lovers to find out why pumpkins are so great.

Purchasing Books

Buying anything on line can be risky. Security is a big issue. I am not knowledgeable enough to provide this. So, any book purchase from my site is handled by other secure sites: Amazon, Kindle or Smashwords.

Check out the book pages, read the sample pages. Clicking on the Buy Buttons will take you to the appropriate place to purchase the book.

That leaves the pdf versions for my three nonfiction books: Exploring the Ozark Hills; Goat Games; and The Pumpkin Project. These are $2.99 each. Anyone wanting a copy of these needs to email me from the contact page. We can make arrangements through PayPal.

Exploring the Ozark Hills by Karen GoatKeeper

Carduan combined ravines


High Reaches is designing a ravine for the Carduans.

creek sounds bring quiet

Ozark Hills seeks quiet on the Ozark Hills.

Updates are normally done on Wednesday afternoons. This is subject to weather or disaster delays.

Find Me On:


Visit me at: http://www.pinterest.com/karengoatkeeper. I try to keep up with nine boards on nature, my books, country living, gardening, my cats, my goats and the science projects. Take care or you may spend hours browsing as Pinterest is a very interesting place to visit.


Visit me at: Goodreads. It is a great place to meet new authors, established authors and people who like to read.

The Pumpkin Project by Karen GoatKeeper

The Project Corner and Outside Project are discontinued. If anyone is interested in any of the Projects, write me. I do have all of them and will be glad to send you a copy.

pulling a book


Goat Galleries

My Goat and Kid galleries are again in need of updating. Sigh. The goats are camera shy, chores are numerous, the weather is turning cold. Excuses.

Glad You Stopped By

Things change here on KarenGoatKeeper almost every week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and found some topics of interest. You are welcome to drop by again.


kid exploring

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  1. Pat Johnson

    Karen, got your two new books and enjoyed them very much. I especially liked the ‘pooka’…..I have always enjoyed Harvey so this was special. Pat

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