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What Do You Call an Opossum, If You’ve Never Seen One?

The Carduans have landed. No one knows they’re here. They don’t know where they are.

They are leaving me with a problem. What do you call the planet Earth? Obviously they don’t know any of the reasons or languages we used to name our planet. So they will find another name.

The creatures are unknown to the Carduans as are the plants. As they meet each one, they will need to find names for them. And our names will not work.

This does lead to a fun guessing game: Do you recognize this creature? I’ll have to remember about it later.

After 19,000 words [Yes, I’m still behind.], they are meeting snow and getting snowed in.

eBook Sale!!

Next weekend, November 17 to 19, the digital versions of Capri Capers at Smashwords will be available free. These are normally $2.99. This is for these three days only. As with everything, there may be a glitch with the coupon. If there is, use the code VF72Q to get your free copy.

Capri Capers cover

Purchasing Books

Buying anything on line can be risky. Security is a big issue. I am not knowledgeable enough to provide this. So, any book purchase from my site is handled by other secure sites: Amazon, Kindle or Smashwords.

Check out the book pages, read the sample pages. Clicking on the Buy Buttons will take you to the appropriate place to purchase the book.

That leaves the pdf versions for my three nonfiction books: Exploring the Ozark Hills; Goat Games; and The Pumpkin Project. These are $2.99 each. Anyone wanting a copy of these needs to email me from the contact page. We can make arrangements through PayPal.

Exploring the Ozark Hills by Karen GoatKeeper

Protective mother goat talks to kid


High Reaches has set up the winter greenhouse using baling twine to thwart the wind.

New Jersey Tea flower umbel


Ozark Hills is still stalking Ozark wildflowers in pictures. Pale leather flower is a vine and a clematis.

Updates are normally done on Wednesday afternoons. This is subject to weather or disaster delays.

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The Pumpkin Project by Karen GoatKeeper

The Project Corner and Outside Project are discontinued. If anyone is interested in any of the Projects, write me. I do have all of them and will be glad to send you a copy.

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Goat Galleries

My Goat and Kid galleries are again in need of updating. Sigh. The goats are camera shy, chores are numerous, the weather is turning cold. Excuses.

Glad You Stopped By

Things change here on KarenGoatKeeper almost every week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and found some topics of interest. You are welcome to drop by again.


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  1. Pat Johnson

    Karen, got your two new books and enjoyed them very much. I especially liked the ‘pooka’…..I have always enjoyed Harvey so this was special. Pat

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