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Karen GoatKeeper welcomes you to this website, home of GoatKeepers Press.

Deadlines Upcoming

It’s almost panic time. The writing is done for Edwina. I’m doing the final edit on Running the Roads. The covers need attention.

Plant seeking is now beginning with the finding of Ozark Witch Hazel. This is a hard plant to find as so many are cut down and killed by herb diggers.

Meet the new books:

Edwina by Karen GoatKeeper

For Edwina: Aleta’s parents divorced. Her room has been invaded. She feels lost, replaced and worthless. Then she meets Edwina, her new best friend. Life becomes complicated since she is the only one who can see or hear Edwina. But Edwina is very real and Aleta’s life may depend on that fact.

Running the roads by Karen GoatKeeper

For Running the Roads: Ridge is 16, road rally crazy and has his first car. And what a car! A gray Ford Fiesta with flames on it. His car is a ticket to adventure and freedom and trouble. It’s a ticket to safety for Ridge and Lisa, if he can drive like a rally driver.

Both books should be released in mid March. Sample pages will be posted in two weeks.

Exploring the Ozark Hills by Karen GoatKeeper

Book Sample Pages!

A pdf of free sample pages from all of my books are available under GKP Books on the menu. This includes both of the new books by Dr. Rintz.

Nubian doe kid


High Reaches had a chilled kid emergency plus several more new kids.


Starry Campion flower

Ozark Hills takes a look at a flower that looks like a ceiling fan – Starry Campion.

Updates are normally done on Wednesday afternoons. This is subject to weather or disaster delays.

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Visit me at: Goodreads. I write a short weekly blog on some aspect of writing my books. It is a great place to meet new authors, established authors and people who like to read.

The Project Corner is for those interested in Science.

The Pumpkin Project by Karen GoatKeeper

The Outside Project is closed for the year.

pulling a book


The Project tackles rollers this week. Is there a way to make dragging an object easier?

Goat Galleries

The My Kids pictures are starting up. A few at a time and all the goat pictures will appear.

Glad You Stopped By

Things change here on KarenGoatKeeper almost every week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and found some topics of interest. You are welcome to drop by again.


kid exploring

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