Choosing “My Ozark Home” Covers

Normally choosing covers for a book takes lots of time. Sometimes I try out numerous ideas. As “My Ozark Home” neared completion, the question of covers became important.

In truth, I chose the front cover as I was picking out the pictures for “My Ozark Home.” It was a favorite photograph I’d taken a few years ago.

rain on dandelion seeds

A misty rain left tiny drops on this dandelion seed head. The sun sparkled on them making the sight special.

I was experimenting with my camera, trying to expand my picture range. One morning had a light rain falling. The rain stopped about noon.

Digital cameras are full of electrical circuits that can’t get wet. The circuits will short out and ruin the camera. I still wanted to take a few pictures of plants with rain drops on them.

evening primrose candidate for book covers

Early in the morning, before the sun is full on the garden, the evening primrose blossoms glow lemon yellow splashed with dew. Perhaps this picture will grace another book cover in the future.

Packing a couple of plastic bags in a back pocket, I set out in boots. Wet feet are not my style. I headed up the hill over the hill pasture following the goat trail across the hill, across a couple of ravines and up to the crest of the hill.

Along the way I found several plants in bloom including a shooting star. The pictures were lovely and extra. Wildflower pictures aren’t taken with rain drops on the flowers. The pictures languished in a file on my computer.

My Ozark Home by Karen GoatKeeper

Why choose this photograph for the front cover? First is the image of the shooting star, a lovely wildflower, trimmed with tiny rain drops. Second is the sweep of the hill behind the flowers. Third is the placement allowing room for the title and author without ruining the flower. Most important is that this is a favorite photograph I am happy to finally find a way to share.

This book was a wonderful way to use some of these extra pictures. The shooting star moved to the book file along with a mental note to use it for the front cover.

A book has two covers. I had no idea what to use on the back cover. None of the pictures in the book seemed right. I went back to the picture files.

The south pasture has a lovely vista. I’d used one picture of it in high summer with the grass tall, lush and green. There was another picture of the pasture in early spring, before the grass was lush and green.

choosing book covers for the back

The south pasture stretches out along a wooded hill. This is late spring when the trees have greened but the grasses are still yellow brown from winter. The tree is a honey locust now much taller and fuller. Spring clouds are so dramatic towering over the hill. This is the back cover of “My Ozark Home.”

This picture wasn’t part of the book. The front cover picture was. The back cover picture should be. Except I couldn’t add one picture. I had to add two. I found another and the two went into the book. And the south pasture became the back cover.

“My Ozark Home” now had its two covers.

Although “My Ozark Home” will not be available until July 7, you can read some sample pages now on the My Ozark Home page.