GKP Books

I love to write. Instead of a diary hidden away, I write books.

My biggest problem is how many writing projects are started, have rough drafts or are otherwise waiting on my computer competing for my time and attention.

Each draft eventually becomes the focus of attention long enough to get finished. Then it appears as a book.

Nonfiction is interesting to write because I learn so much more about a topic. Three are available.

The Pumpkin Project has science investigation, projects, stories, recipes, trivia and puzzles about pumpkins.

Goat Games is full of goat puzzles, facts, breed pages and owner interviews and trivia.

Exploring the Ozark Hills embraces the Missouri Ozarks through the seasons with 84 essays with accompanying full color photographs.

Fiction offers freedoms nonfiction does not. It explores the world of “What If?” There are three novels completed.

Dora’s Story follows Dora, an Alpine/Nubian doe as she is born and has several owners and many adventures.

Capri Capers finds Harriet with money from the lottery, her dream house and goats and people who want part of that money. They are willing to do many things to convince her to  pay them. Arthur does his best to help and protect Harriet in this wild romp of a book.

The Hazel Whitmore Series:

Broken Promises introduces Hazel living in New York City as she tries to cope with the death of her father.

Old Promises follows Hazel as she moves to Crooked Creek, Missouri, to begin a very different life in spite of opposition from her Grandfather Whitmore.

Poetry explores the world of emotion. These are still drafts on my computer.

Picture books are challenging. I am working on two: Watching For Fairies and The Little Spider. My illustrator is Lenore Markam.

Writing a book begins with an idea. These book pages talk about my books, where each idea came from, writing each book and what each book means to me.


Although I enjoy going places and meeting people at events about my books, I don’t do this often. This is a listing of those places I intend to be.

Coming soon: The third Hazel Whitmore book, Hazel thought things were solved after Grandfather Whitmore killed his wife, shot Mother and Rachael. She was wrong. Someone blames her for the murder and says she will pay for ruining this person’s life.