Free Sample Capri Capers

Free Sample Capri Capers

front cover for the novel Capri Capers

Harriet’s goat kid Capri loves sleeping in chairs and does so whenever she is given the chance. She wishes she was a house goat and could do so more often.

Harriet Zeigenhirt should be living her dream life. After all, she won millions in the lottery, bought her perfect property and her long desired goats.

Instead Harriet’s life lurches from crisis to crisis. Even her favorite kid Capri ends up in the thick of things.

Leroy Rogue and Roscoe Rascal want their share of those millions and will do almost anything to get it.

Dan Janus loves fine restaurants and clothes. This takes money. Harriet needs a husband and he wants it to be him by fair means or foul.

Harriet’s friend Deputy Arthur Carlson tries to lead Harriet through this maze of perils in this wild race reminiscent of an old time movie serial.

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Capri Capers by KarenGoatKeeper

Capri Capers is suitable for ages 10 and over. The print version was published by CreateSpace March 1, 2016, in English and has 176 pages.

ISBN-10: 1530036399

ISBN-13: 978-1530036394

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