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Nubian Buck Strength

Fall is breeding season for goats. Bucks in rut have only one thought: does. Never underestimate Nubian buck strength and single-mindedness of purpose.

I did.

Nubian buck kid Augustus shows buck strength

Goat kids love to run, jump and play. Nubian buck kid Augustus was no exception. He was born in November, 2014. Even as a kid he had long, thick legs built for speed and power.

High Reaches Silk’s Augustus was such a beautiful little boy. His mother High Reaches Bubbles Silk doted on him, spoiling him rotten. Separating the two was difficult and Augustus gained the nickname Houdini.

Nubian buck kid with mother

As a Nubian buck kid, Augustus was protected and coddled by his mother High Reaches Bubbles’ Silk.

Now Augustus is full grown and big. He weighs over 200 pounds, stands over a yard tall at the shoulders and trots thunderously from place to place. He has also wrested buck supremacy away from Goat Town USA Gaius.

I don’t particularly like to line breed my goats. So, when High Reaches Pixie’s Pamela, Augustus’ daughter, came into season this fall as a yearling, I let Gaius out with her.

Augustus was not happy. He was frustrated and furious at being ignored. His buck strength was enough to batter his pen walls but not enough to break them.

sparring Nubian bucks show buck strength

As Nubian buck Augustus gained his full height, he challenged Gaius’ position more and more often. When Augustus rears up and comes down, his buck strength really shows as he hits hard enough to shatter a metal hasp or even a logging chain.

I was in a hurry and didn’t notice Pamela wasn’t the only doe in heat. Augustus did.

Milking over, I called the herd out to the pasture gate and let them out. They were delighted, racing over the bridge to under the persimmon trees. Gaius was left forlornly calling at the gate.

I walked back to the barn and let Augustus out. He flew out the door and across the barn lot. I reached in to pick up his dish. I froze.

Augustus had shown his buck strength by hitting the pasture gate and shattering the latch board. The gate was wide open. The two bucks were joyfully racing out to join the herd now on the hillside eating acorns.

Nubian bucks Augustus and Gaius

Nubian bucks Goat Town USA Gaius and High Reaches Silk’s Augustus stand watching for the herd.

Normally I can walk out, put a lead rope on either of my bucks and lead them around. Bucks in rut among does, some of whom are in heat, do not want to be caught and dragged away.

The only way to catch the bucks was to drive the herd back into the barn lot. Then the does can go out again and the bucks are left behind.

A herd just turned out happily gobbling acorns is not happy to return to the barn. This is one of the very few times I wish I had a herding dog.

After getting a full day’s exercise and yelling myself hoarse, the herd was in and out again. The bucks were in. And another item was on the ‘To Do’ list.

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Nubian Buck Rivalry

Nubian buck kids start out such gangly affairs. They have long legs and ears. They grow fast but stay thin.

Augustus seemed so small compared to Gaius who is four years older. The two are great friends and rivals but Gaius was in charge.

Nubian buck rivalry challenge

It’s playtime. Augustus is issuing a challenge. Gaius accepts. Playtime between Nubian bucks during breeding season may be play but has serious undercurrents.

Inch by inch Augustus gained in height. As he approaches his second birthday, he is as tall as Gaius. Their rivalry is more evenly matched now.

A Nubian buck grows in stages. The first two to three years a buck gains in height but stays thin and trim.

By three years old a Nubian buck starts putting on heft. The neck thickens. The body thickens. They start maturing.

rivalry preparation

Augustus backs up then rears up. Gaius takes his stance on his platform.

Gaius has put on his heft. He is around 200 pounds. I don’t know exactly as he objects to tape measures around his chest.

We go through this argument every winter. Gaius is cold. I put a blanket on him and the tie goes around his chest. He tears it off. He now wears sweatshirts but these are hard to find in 3X in the thrift stores.

Augustus is finishing his growing years. I expect him to gain another inch or two as his mother Silk was tall. He is around 150 pounds and still has that trim sleek look about him.

One thing is changing as Augustus gains his full height. The buck rivalry is getting fiercer but still playful.

rivalry becomes assault

The assault begins as Augustus comes down to meet Gaius’ head. This is a good reason to never be at the recieving end of a buck’s head. It is solid bone, rock hard, guaranteed to give a headache.

Fall weather has returned and so has play between the bucks. The ramp on the goat gym is a great place for fights.

Gaius has the advantage of weight. Augustus has the advantage of agility.

Gaius takes up his station at the base of the ramp. Augustus climbs the ramp.

Augustus rears up then drops onto the ramp knocking heads with Gaius. Gaius surges up shoving Augustus back up the ramp.

rivalry ends in shoving match

The result is a shoving match. Sometimes Augustus pushes Gaius off his platform. Other times Gaius shoves Augustus all the way up the ramp. This year the two bucks seem almost evenly matched.

Baby bucks will play this way even with their owners. It is cute but can not be tolerated. That head butt from an adult buck can snap a log chain or a leg.

Gaius is at the height of his power this year maybe into next. He still shoves Augustus around.

Then the balance will shift. But the rivalry may change too. Augustus will have his heft and may not be so eager to rear up on the ramp.

A Nubian buck is proud. Losing status might be tough on Gaius. I hope he ages gracefully and Augustus is as accommodating with Gaius as a big older buck was once with him.