Acorn Frenzy

Acorns are falling in the woods. The goats are delighted.

Goats love acorns. Unlike cows, goats do not get sick eating acorns. My herd is scarfing up every acorn they can find. Lucky for the turkeys and deer, goats are sloppy at finding acorns. That isn’t due to lack of effort.

Every day the herd is impatient to roar out the pasture gate. The first stop is under the persimmon trees as persimmon leaves are evidently delicious. The younger goats race out across the pasture for the wet weather creek where the persimmon trees are. Sycamore leaves make good snacks on the way there for the older, slower goats.

Once the leaves are gone, the goats will still race out to eat the persimmons that fall. The persimmons aren’t ripe yet. Even the raccoons won’t eat a green persimmon so a goat definitely won’t.

Sophia standing against a tree eating leaves

High Reaches Sophia adding a few leaves to the acorns she has eaten.

Then the herd crosses the creek and starts up the hill. Every nose is to the ground. The sound of shuffling leaves surrounds the herd.

There are three hills across the back of the pastures. The herd shuffles across all three.

Late in the afternoon the herd finally wanders down into the pasture. They nibble grass as they walk to the creek. All those acorns make the goats thirsty.

Another plus to ending up in the creek bed are all the sycamore leaves. These large leaves sail down to the ground daily so there is a fresh supply every day. Shuffling and crunching the herd circles back to the pasture gate.

Acorns are fattening. My goats do tend to be well fed anyway. Acorns are making things complicated.

I’ve cut back on grain for dry and young goats. But my hands just aren’t as fast as they once were milking. So the milkers are gaining weight.

Most years the acorns don’t last very long. Turkeys scratch them up. Deer scarf them up. Some even get carried away by squirrels and blue jays.

This year there is a huge crop. Goats may be fastidious eaters, avoiding even the scent of dirt on their food. Acorns are exempt.

Goats looking through leaves for acorns

There are more acorns under those leaves according to the goats.

I am just going to get faster at milking again. Maybe a few handfuls of hay will stretch the grain.

Otherwise my milkers will need to go on a diet before too long.