Finding Frost Flowers

This is something I look forward to in spite of the very cold weather needed to create these frost flowers. After the first or second really hard frost, is the best time to go hunting frost flowers.
Thirty degree or even high twenties are not cold enough. Frost flowers need low twenties to be really nice.

frost flower
This year I missed going out after the first hard frost. I had to be somewhere else and couldn’t take the time to go out walking.
The weather got mild again. Frost was only a memory. Grass greened up. Then the wind began to blow.
All day the wind blew out of the west and north. It had a bite to it edged with ice. Frost the wind whispered.
The wind told the truth. Twenty-three degrees turns the ground hard and spreads white ice over everything. Frost flower weather.
Nothing happens in my house before the cats have breakfast. As soon as they were eating, I grabbed my camera to race out on the hill over the south pasture.

dittany in fall

Dittany is fairly reliable for frost flowers. It is easy to recognize even in the fall.

Not every plant will produce frost flowers. Dittany is reliable. Dittany grows in the woods on the hill over the south pasture.

frost flower
The first dittany had nothing. The second one had a frost flower. Almost every dittany plant had one or two.

frost flower
Many of the flowers were large. They seemed to spread out from more of the stem than in past years.
Milking must be reasonably on time. This is why I go out to the dittany to see the frost flowers.

frost flower
This year I missed the really spectacular frost flowers. My friend always goes up the road looking. Some years there are none.
Frost flowers ten inches tall were on some roadside weeds this year. At least that is what I was told as I finished milking.

frost flower
Grabbing my camera I raced up the road to see these beauties. Alas the sun beat me there. A touch of sun and a frost flower melts not to reappear until next fall when the first really hard frosts arrive.