Outside 4 What Grows There?

Insects and other creatures move. That catches the eye. Plants are just there.

If plants didn’t grow in your spot, there would be no reason for the creatures or insects to stop by.

goats on hill

Penny and her two buck kids came by wondering what I was doing.


What plants grow in your spot? Limit this to about three feet out from your tree.

July is not a good time to identify plants as few of them are in bloom. It’s still easy to see how many kinds are around as different kinds of plants look different.

Use a camera or draw the different plants in your journal. Important things to note are:

  • 1) the shapes of leaves [Do the leaves have teeth around them? Are the leaves hairy? Do the leaves have lobes or sections like a maple leaf?];
  • 2) how the leaves are arranged [Are they all from one place near the ground? Are they in pairs or by themselves on a stalk?] and
  • 3) are there any flowers?

The Plants in My Spot

Deptford Pink

Hot pink makes these easy flowers to spot. Their small size makes them easy to miss. This is a Deptford Pink.

I took my camera out and took pictures of the different plants. Some of the plants I recognized. I know I’ve seen others but when they had flowers. Only one plant was blooming, a Deptford Pink. Two had empty seed heads on them so I know one was a horsemint and the other an Ohio Horsemint. A fern grew on the rocks. There were three kinds of grasses and at least fifteen other plants. Since there were so many, I put in this gallery of pictures.