Bean Flowers

Beans are legumes so their flowers have the basic legume look to them. They look like tiny slippers. The top petals bend low over the slipper to trap pollen inside the flower so the flower pollinates itself.

Mosaic bean flower

The best time to see Mosaic bean flowers is early in the morning when the lavender is still fresh.

Runner beans and Mosaic Yard Long beans vary from this

From a distance Mosaic bean flowers are pale whitish things. Up close fresh flower petals are a delicate lavender. The top petals flair upward like wings over the flower.

runner bean flower

A single hole seems the only opening into a Lady Di runner bean flower. it is the perfect size for a hummingbird beak.

Lady Di runner beans are more the typical shape but a deep red tinged with orange.

I was sure I would see the mosaic bean flowers. Not so the runner bean flowers.

The two types germinate differently. They evidently taste differently too. My nuisance woodchucks ignored the mosaic beans but mowed down the runner beans.

I replanted. The woodchucks burrowed in again.

dew on runner bean flowers

The morning sun makes dew drops look like mounds of frost on the Lady Di runner bean flowers.

I wrapped wire around the two remaining runner bean plants. The woodchuck burrows are filled in and boarded over. The runner beans grew well and are covered with flowers.

Yes, I should be checking out those woodchuck recipes but I never see the things anymore. All I find are freshly eaten vegetables and a new burrow. The last foray attacked the Jerusalem artichokes.

According to the seed catalog, the runner bean flowers should attract hummingbirds. Our feeders attract plenty but single birds zoom through my garden from time to time. They may nest in the bamboo.

A friend gave me a red Monarda last year. It grew in the flower corner of the garden, sort of. This year it turned into a multi-branched three foot tall bush covered with large red mop heads of tubular flowers.

I watched a hummingbird visit the last few Monarda flowers and ignore the runner beans. Perhaps it didn’t notice the beans as there were only a few flowers open then.

mosaic bean

At first I thought a looper caterpillar was standing on the old flower having a snack. But it was the mosaic bean arcing outward. They seem very thin.

Lovely as the flowers are on the mosaic and runner beans, the objective of growing them is to have beans to eat.

The mosaic beans are working on this. I expect the runner beans will soon too.

If I can keep the woodchucks away.