Storm Aftermath

The evening sky was mostly clear. Some wisps of fair weather clouds had caught the sunset colors. Twenty percent chance of rain.

By midnight the sky had a light show going on. Almost constant lightning lit it up but far away as thunder never came.

Then the storm arrived. Now thunder boomed after each lightning bolt. Rain roared onto and down the roof.

Sunrise revealed a drenched, water swept world. Chunks of firewood sat in the yard along with a line of dead leaves marking the high water mark. The tall weeds along the wet weather creek edging the yard lay flat.

driveway damage

What driveway? It took a lot of small rocks and buckets of gravel to have a driveway again.

Walking toward the barn the end of the driveway had become twin foot deep puddles. The wet weather creek had gouged out the big rocks from below the gravel leaving a three foot deep four foot across hole half way across the road. The gravel clogged the road further down flowing over the roadsides through the fence and into the pasture.

road dmage

The debris line across the road marks where the water was. Now the water is confined to the deep channel it cut across the road and the channels along the side of the road.

My garden is soggy again. Only the raised bed has needed any extra water this year. Everything seems to have survived although half the corn is flat but perhaps the raccoons were early last night.

bridge damage

Two I-beams on cement bases still span the flooded creek. Most of the wooden 4″ x 8″ planks are somewhere downstream. We found most of them against trees after the water went down. One was snapped in half.

The creek bridge is missing both approach and exit planks. Some of them are splayed against trees down the creek and will be retrieved later. Others may be speeding their way down the river to St. Louis.

creek fence in flood

Fencing across a creek subject to floods is a headache. This one is rigged to let the wire loose so the debris can flow by. Afterwards the wire must be sorted out and restrung.

The creek is running high and fast. Only the posts show where my creek fence was. I hope the wire is till there to pull out, untangle and put back up.

tree on culvert bridge

The plastic culvert pipes clogged so water coming down a normally dry ravine flowed over them stripping off the gravel. Only a fallen tree kept the pipes in place.

All three culvert bridges for the tractor were clogged. Branches sweep sideways across the pipes. Dead leaves and leaf mold catch on the branches. Pulling the mess loose is wet tedious work.

One by one the branches pull free. Handfuls of leaves are tossed over the bridge to swirl away down the creek. A gurgle sounds then a deep wave crash and water surges through the culvert.

Another pipe had an old stump wedged in the opening. This too was tossed aside so the water could pour through on its way to the sea.

flooding Ozark creek

A raging torrent still flows down the creek below the strands of creek fence still there.

Five and a half inches of rain fell on that 20% chance of rain. According to the paper we are on track to being the wettest summer on record. Over seven inches each in May, June and July. August is over eight now.

Even with fences to fix, driveway and bridges to fix this beats having a drought. Deep grass in the pastures and stacks of hay in the barn are also the aftermath of these storms.