Finding My Goats Can Be Interesting

Every year I watch my goat kids drive away with someone I usually don’t know and don’t expect to ever see again. Every year I hope these kids will have good homes as they grow into goats. That makes finding my goats special.

Most people don’t want to be bothered with registration applications. I used to make them out anyway and send them off knowing they would probably be thrown away.

finding my goats might include this kid

In 2014 High Reaches Topaz Willa had twin does. This is one of them. She is sold. I wish her the best wherever she is.

Tattooing is a nuisance. The kids turn green. I turn green. The kids scream. I cringe. And many people don’t know or care about the tattoos.

I should know better or at least keep faith with my goats. It helps to have reminders now and then.

This year has brought me some reminders.

finding my goats might include this kid

In 2014 High Reaches Josephine had this little doe kid. As a little kid she looks so bland. Her dam did too. As Josephine got older, she started looking beautiful. I wonder if this kid did too.

I haven’t taken my goats to the county fair in ten years or more. My school teaching calendar started the week of the fair and I couldn’t do both. After leaving the classroom I never got back into going.

It was a surprise to hear from people who had purchased kids from me at a long ago fair. Finding my goats was thrilling as these lucky goats had lived into their teens. The people were ready for a new group. They drove off with five new lucky kids.

finding my goats includes this doe

In 2015 High Reaches Sprite’s Matilda had this doe kid. So many people like black goats. This one will only be black in the winter. Her sire’s red will show over the summer. She too was sold and lives somewhere.

Other times finding my goats is not a happy time. One had been with a group turned out to fend for themselves one autumn as their owners drove away. Most of these goats starved to death before a neighbor found them.

Other times finding my goats starts out sad but has a happy ending. It seems two of my goats were sold at auction, close to starving. Somehow their application papers had stayed with them.

finding my goats includes this doeling

This laid back doeling was born in 2015 to High Reaches Bonnie. I wonder if she is still so laid back and sweet or gotten more pushy like Bonnie.

Their new owner wants to get all the paperwork up to date and called. These two lucky goats are now pampered and shown, even winning ribbons.

Next year I will again have those application forms filled out, tattoos done and fingers crossed for luck for those kids. I like finding my goats have been lucky enough to have a good life.