Kidnapping a Kid

In Capri Capers kidnapping a kid is one part of the plot. That is happening in my goat yard now.

High Reaches Jewel’s Sasha is an older doe. Her teeth are worn so she doesn’t eat well anymore. And she miscarried too early for her kid to survive.

Sasha loves being a mother goat. She follows her kids standing guard over them when they lie down. She knew her kid was dead and she mourned crying forlornly.

High Reaches Topaz Eliza had twins. Sasha tried to steal one away. Eliza is head goat. Sasha stood off to the side calling.

Nubian doe kidnapping a kid

High Reaches Jewel’s Sasha guards her stolen kid. the kid enjoys the attention and warm sun.

The next afternoon the goats came up to the pasture gate. I opened the gate and the herd thundered past as I counted kids.

Lost kids need immediate attention. Coyotes, bobcats and other predators roam the hills and pastures at night.

All seven kids ran past. Sasha stood there beside a newborn black kid. Number eight.

Now it is remotely possible this new kid did belong to Sasha. Very remotely. The more likely explanation was that Sasha was successfully kidnapping a kid.

I expected High Reaches Trina or High Reaches Daisy’s Spring to kid next. They had definitely not kidded out in the pasture that day.

Nubian doe looking at her kid

High Reaches Butter’s Juliette stands looking at Sasha and her kid. She knows Sasha is kidnapping him and doesn’t know what to do about it.

Several other does are expecting kids. Normally I know who and when. Normally I do not have buck’s making great escapes. Last fall was not normal.

I went into the barn where the does were busy eating hay. Juliette had kidded. This little kid must belong to her.

Juliette was a house brat when she was born small, early and weak. She is now a smaller doe and down at the lower end of the goat pecking order. Below Sasha.

It seems Juliette had brought her little buck up to the pasture fence. She was seen feeding him before I got home.

Sasha spotted this new kid. She was desperate to have a kid. Kidnapping a kid especially a newborn kid is easy for a determined goat like Sasha.

Juliette was shoved aside. Sasha moved in talking and licking this kid.

goat kid nursing his mother as Sasha watches

The kid knows Juliette has milk on demand. Sasha stays close waiting to steal him away as soon as he is done.

I put Juliette and her kid in the kidding pen. Eliza was furious so fences went up. Juliette was happy. She loves to eat and was now surrounded by hay plus she had her kid all to herself.

Sasha cried out in the barn.

In the morning Juliette decided the kidding pen was not where she wanted to be. She jumped out. I moved her out in the barn with her kid for the day.

Sasha was overjoyed. She moved in successfully kidnapping a kid for the day. Juliette was left crying and hovering.

Both does are soon going to be disappointed. That kid is growing fast. He is mobile and starting to play with the other kids. He knows who has the milk bar. He will soon be like the rest of the kids: running off and playing, coming back for a snack now and then, ignoring mother the rest of the time.