Season Too Early

According to the goat books breeding season for goats is in the fall. June is not in the fall on my calendar.
My Nubian bucks Gaius and Augustus live together in the same stall. They go out to pasture together.
Peace reigns in the buck pen from late January to late July. The two boys huddle up in the cold. They eat with reasonable goat versions of manners.
Over the summer the boys graze together out in their small pasture. They come racing in for dinner in the evening.

Nubian buck Goat Town USA Gaius

Where are the girls? Nubian buck Gaius is up on the goat gym so he can see farther. He does still watch for dinner too.

July brings a faint odor to the buck pen. August arrives with a definite reek. The boys hang out at the fence at dinner time until convinced to go in.
June is much too early for this.
Nubian does do cycle all year here in the Ozarks. I found that out the hard way. Over the summer cycles are short and mostly silent.
My does are wagging their tails. Flies, horseflies, ticks and other pests are the usual culprits.
Augustus at a year and a half is convinced the tail wagging is for him. Gaius can’t let that young upstart get ahead of him.
June is too early for breeding season.
In the morning after milking the herd goes out the gate and out to pasture. I put out food for the boys in the barn and open their door.
The chickens are eating well. The boys are out at the gate calling for the girls. Well, Augustus is calling in his high whinnying voice.
All day Augustus calls from time to time hoping one of the does will answer him. None of them do. He is not discouraged.
Gaius and Augustus have started jousting. In spite of being a couple of inches shorter and fifty pounds lighter, Augustus holds his own.
June is too early for arguing bucks.

Nubian buck High Reaches Silk's Augustus

All those girls standing at the gate must be interested in Nubian buck Augustus. At least he thinks so. They just want into the barn to escape the horseflies.

The bucks do get most of their dinner after I convince them it is dinner time. The herd is still outside the gate so there are no distractions.
Dinner time has become a rowdy time. Gaius keeps trying to steal Augustus’ dish or chase him off around the pen.
June is too early for this.
Gaius hangs out one side of the buck pen. Augustus hangs out the other side. The herd streams past heading into the barn to avoid the horseflies.
During milking Augustus serenades me with blathering. The does ignore him. He is not discouraged.
I don’t let the boys breed my does until October. It will be a long noisy summer.