Wet Snow Is Trouble

Winter came to call again with a wet snow. Only a couple of inches fell here, other places had more. It was enough.

Wet snow falls at about freezing. The clouds are colder but the snow softens as it falls. This is cement snow. It sticks to shovels. It’s heavy.

wet snow on road

Wet snow sticks to everything and quickly melts on the road. My cat Cloudy left tracks as he walked down the road to the pasture.

The stickiness and heaviness are the problems with wet snow. It builds up on tree branches. It builds up on electric lines.

The wind blows. The branches and lines sway then snap.

tree bent under wet snow

Wet snow is heavy and has bent this small tree over to the ground. It will never fully straighten up.

That was the case here. First a branch snapped off an old locust tree that has been dying branch by branch for years.

The branch landed on an electric line leading to the workshop. The pole snapped and is now resting on the chicken yard fence next to a fence post. The electricity is still working at the workshop so the barn lights turn on.

The electric line in the south pasture broke. That shut the electricity off.

snow on trees and electric lines

Snow stuck to tree branches looks pretty but, like the snow piled on the electric lines, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we had no electricity. We used gas lights. The pantry in the cellar worked as a refrigerator all summer. Window sills worked well over the winter. We were fine without electricity.

Living in the Ozarks the local electric cooperative’s lines go right by the house so we turned the electricity on. Having lights that turn on with the flip of a switch, a refrigerator, computers and a television to watch movies on spoiled us.

The milk came in, got strained and put in the refrigerator. The refrigerator stopped working. We left the door closed.

What was most noticeable was the quiet. The house was still. No fans blowing warm air. No refrigerator motors. No computer hum. Quiet.

What do you do all day?

I couldn’t work on the computer. Wet snow made working outside difficult. All the things on the list were either not possible or difficult due to the weather. What’s left?

The wood stoves were still working so pools of warm air surrounded them.

The book shelves were stuffed.

Plenty of light came in through the windows.

We spent the day curled up with books.

Ozark creek in wet snow

Trees and creek bank are blanketed by the wet snow.

Around four in the afternoon the crew from the electric cooperative came by to repair the broken line. The lights came back on. The electric motors hummed.

That quiet relaxing day was really a nice gift from that wet snow. One day was fine. I’m glad to be back to normal again.