Floral Biology of Aristolochia

Cover of Discovering the Floral Biology of Aristolochia

Dr. Rintz was looking for milkweeds at Big Bend in Texas when he came across this curious little flower. It was an Aristolochia.

What is an Aristolochia? These are commonly called pipevines by those people who have noticed them.

Dr. Rintz got curious about this little flower and looked up information on it. Except the botanical papers were in German with no English translations.

This book contains the English translations of these German papers about Aristolochia beginning with the 1793 paper by Sprengel. There are many illustrations from the papers and other sources of the many Aristolochia flowers.

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by a printed book by Karen GoatKeeper

The free sample pages are the Introduction and paper by Sprengel. Click on the link below to open the pdf.

Floral Biology of Aristolohia by Dr. Richard Rintz