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Karen GoatKeeper

My goats and I have called the Missouri Ozarks home for over twenty years. Before that we tried Northwest Arkansas. I taught school, high school science. They browsed in their pasture.

Then we moved to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) near Lake Superior. Waist deep snow for six months was not to our liking. The Ozarks is much nicer.

My background includes a Bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of California at Los Angeles. I earned a teaching certificate in Arkansas and taught biology, chemistry, earth science and general science. In Missouri I taught biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy/physiology and general science.

Writing books is very enjoyable. It lets me explore so many interesting topics and ideas. At present I have completed seven books: Goat Games, Exploring the Ozark Hills, Broken Promises, Old Promises, Dora’s Story, Capri Capers and The Pumpkin Project.

The cute one is High Reaches Butters Juliette.

The cute one is High Reaches Butters Juliette.

Dr. Richard Rintz

Dr. Richard Rintz studied Botany for nine years at three different Universities in the U.S. After receiving his Ph.D. in 1973, he joined the Peace Corps and taught Botany in Malaysia for three years. While there he studied the local Hoya species.

Some 70 species are in Asclepiaceae in the U.S. Dr. Rintz started searching for them and growing them. While on a botanical trip, he came across a member of Aristolochiaceae and became interested in them.

Over the last few years Dr. Rintz became interested in the historical papers on both the Aristolochiaceae and Asclepiaceae. Many were in German, Latin and French with no English versions so he learned to read these languages. He translated many of these important papers into English which became the basis for his books.

Dr. Rintz now lives on a farm in Missouri growing and studying different members of these two plant families.

Missouri Writers, Ink

A changing group of writers, illustrators, editors and publishers from the south central area of Missouri has met for years as Missouri Writers, Ink. The writers vary from those aspiring to write to those with several books published.

For the past few years the group has collaborated on anthologies. Each anthology has a central theme. Yet, the stories in the anthologies are as varied as the authors.

Anyone interested in visiting or joining Missouri Writers, Ink, can stop by a meeting on the third Friday of the month in the Rolla Public Library, Rolla, Missouri. More information about the group is on their Facebook page or their website.

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  1. Sharon

    I adore your new book, My Ozark Home!
    The photos are beautiful. Seasonal haiku are lovely.
    The writing captures the love you have for the flora and fauna of our lovely hills.

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