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My Escape Artist Augustus

Every breeding season I list my does deciding who is retired, who is milking through and who is being bred and to whom. The last few years these careful plans have been sabotaged by an escape artist.

This year I would be prepared. I repaired the electric fence even putting in a much better grounding rod.

Augustus escaped. One winter milker crossed off the list.

This young buck didn’t think much of the electric wire. It was a great way to scratch an itchy head.

One problem with woven wire is how easy it is to collapse it. Augustus was stepping on the woven wire and sliding out over the electric wire and under the barbed wire.

escape artist Augustus

When my junior Nubian herd sire Augustus escapes, he is on holiday and down’t want anything to cut it short. Goats run much faster and longer than I do. The rope is easier to grab. It isn’t safe unless I am watching as Augustus can catch it up and end up strangled.

Another strand of barbed wire went up. The woven wire and both strands of barbed were wired together.

Augustus was disgusted. His favorite escape holes were no more. He escaped anyway. Another winter milker crossed off the list.

Gaius was not happy. He is senior herd sire. This young upstart was out enjoying the company of his does.

Gaius’ revenge came in showing which corner of the barn lot was the new escape route. The barn lot is fenced with cattle panels topped with barbed wire.

The cattle panels and barbed wire were carefully wired together. All joins were checked and redone.

Augustus escaped. At least no doe was in season. He was just enjoying being out in the pastures with lots of friendly company. Gaius was mad at him and aggressive due to breeding season.

Nubian buck

Goat Town USA Gaius has left that gawky age behind and is filling out into a mature Nubian buck with a thick neck and black mane. He thinks he is in charge.

There was no evidence Augustus was going over the barbed wire. Gaius still stood in one corner calling forlornly right after the escape artist left.

Unlike woven wire, cattle panels are like ladders, stiff. Corners give lots of support for a climbing effort.

The corners are now covered with wire so no buck can stand up there.

Augustus is disgusted. He walks the fences calling. He checks his favorite escape routes.

To his surprise the electric fence bit. The wires held firm. So far the escape artist is staying in.