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Ozark Homestead Early Morning

On a homestead days are filled with activities. During the summer the days are hot and dry. That makes early morning times precious.

Summer days are in the nineties here. That doesn’t sound so hot unless you add in the humidity at seventy percent. Early in the morning the air is fresh and cool.

Milking time will come soon. For now the goats are out enjoying the cool temperatures too. They are out standing around on the goat gym.

goats in early morning

The goats like to sleep inside the barn. This is convenient to the milking room door and breakfast. It is good insurance in case of evening thundershowers. But early morning lures some of them outside.

Later the goats will go out to pasture spending most of their time tucked into the shade. Nubians do like basking in the sun, but the horseflies like sun too. These come in three sizes around here plus deer flies, all packing painful bites.

Sunrises are rarely spectacular here. Some mornings the world turns yellow. Other mornings a pink glow highlights the trees over an eastern hill.

The Althea or Rose of Sharon bush is in bloom at one corner of the porch. It is a rugged, determined thing. We ruthlessly chop it down to stubs and it comes back up to tower over the roof.

Early morning is the time for visitors to these pink flowers. Wasps and bumblebees visit each flower.

The air fills with the whirring hum of wings. Hummingbirds like the flowers too. One by one the birds come by to check each flower for a bit of nectar.

Cloudy cat in early morning

My Cloudy cat stays at the barn most of the time by choice. He expects his breakfast as soon as I open the barn door in the morning. He relaxes on the road waiting for me to show up then leads me to that door.

Cloudy Cat is out too. He is waiting for breakfast which means me to appear in the barn. As he waits, he curls up on the roads watching for anything interesting. There will be traffic on the road later but it is rare at dawn.

Birds are waking up and singing from the hills around the house. With the trees leafed out they are hidden until they decide to fly from one perch to another. Some fly across the sky and I wonder where they are going in such a hurry.

The cool air, the early morning sounds and the quiet make standing on the porch for hours tempting. But early morning is fleeting. The sun is topping the eastern hill to tell the world the day is beginning and it’s time to get started with the chores and activities that fill its hours.