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OS1 Kinds of Water

Chemically all water has two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom. Since this is true, all water should be the same.

If this is true, why do companies bottle so many different kinds of water? Why do some people insist on using rain water to water some of their plants?

different kinds of water

Question: Are there really different kinds of water?


At least three water samples from different sources

Water sources: different brands of bottled water, rain water, tap water, creek water

Collecting water samples: (bottled water is in a container) Use a glass jar with a lid. Label the jar with where the water came from.

3 glasses for each kind of water (You can use the same 3 for all the samples washing them in between but it will make the Project take much longer.)


Write down where each water sample came from

Label 3 glasses or custard cups for each sample

label the cups for the different kinds of water

I put the number on the jar label and on the cups. The quarter cup of water half filled these plastic cups.

Put 1/4 cup water in each cup (You will have 3 glasses of each sample kind.)

Put 1 glass of each kind of water in the refrigerator for 30 minutes

Take 1 glass out of the refrigerator

Note: Do NOT taste water from any source other than bottled water or tap water.

Write down what the cold water looks and smells like

If the water is bottled or tap water, taste the water by putting a small mouthful in your mouth and swishing it back and forth.

Write down what the water tastes like.

Get the glass of the same sample sitting on the counter

Write down what this sample looks, smells and tastes like

Put the third glass of this water sample in the microwave for 10 seconds

Write down what this sample looks, smells and tastes like

Repeat this with the glasses of other water samples

You can put 1/4 cup of each sample in a saucer or glass and set it out on the counter until the water evaporates.

Write down a description of any residue left behind in the container


Write down where each water sample came from, the ingredients listed on the bottle, what the source looked like and where it is.

cups of different kinds of water

Each water sample has three cups. One cup spends half an hour in the refrigerator or maybe more. One sits on the table. The other goes in the microwave for 30 seconds. I tried fifteen and the water didn’t get hot.

Describe how each water sample looks, smells and tastes –




Describe any residue left if you evaporated the water samples


What color is water? Why do you think so?

What does water smell like? Why do you think so?

What does water taste like? why do you think so?

If you evaporated some water, was there anything in the water? What do you think this does to the water?

Does temperature change how different kinds of water smell and taste? Why do you think this happens?

Why can some people smell the rain? What are they really smelling?

What makes different kinds of water different?

Is all pure water the same?


What I Found Out

I didn’t smell any odor for any of my water samples. None of my samples had any color. All of my water samples felt wet.

Smell and taste differed in some of the water samples. The creek water had no smell when cold, a damp, musty smell when warm and a stronger musty smell when hot.

The rain barrel sample had no odor until it got hot. Then it smelled a little like when spinach is cooking.

Bottled water always tastes strange to me. It had a slightly dusty taste when cold that became a definite odd taste when the water was warm. Hot bottled water tastes like plastic.

The well water had a slight earthy taste when it was cold. The taste got stronger as the water got warmer.

The city tap water had a metallic taste. This too was slight when cold and got stronger as the water got warmer.

All of my water samples had no color so water must have no color. I did notice the rain barrel sample had a layer of green on the bottom. The green must be algae, tiny green plants.

None of my water samples had any odor so I think water has no odor. I have smelled odors in water before but the smells were from chemicals like chlorine or sulfur in the water, not the water itself.

The taste of water seems to be like the smell of water. The water itself has no taste. When the water does have a taste, it is from something in the water.

My water samples didn’t have time to evaporate yet. I will know more in a few days.

Temperature made a difference to tastes in the water. The colder the water, the less the taste.

I can smell the rain. It isn’t really the rain I smell, it’s things getting wet like hot, dry rocks or dirt.

Different kinds of water are different if they have different things in the water. The water itself is always the same with no color, odor or taste.