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Meet The Water Project

Hot days invite people to play in the water. We go swimming, boating, water sliding and playing in the sprinkler.

What is this water? What makes it so special? The Water Project will take a look at this liquid so necessary to life on Earth.

Water Project: the meniscus

Why isn’t the surface of the water flat? The reason is one of water’s special properties.

What Is Water?

Chemically water is two atoms of hydrogen attached to an oxygen atom. The molecule is bent and has special electrical properties.

For life water is how we work. Our bodies are over 70% water. Watermelons are 90% water!

The special properties of water is why our bodies need that water for transporting all kinds of things, for doing chemical reactions and for staying cool.

The average person can survive close to a month without food. A week without water is deadly. In the desert that may shorten to a few hours!

The Water Project will explore some of the special chemical properties of water.


What Can Water Do?

We use water for lots of things. Transportation is one. Why does a boat float?

Water is used to operate machines. What properties of water make this possible?

Water is used to keep us and other things clean. Why can water do this so well?

Water can be very destructive. How can water move boulders?

Water Project: pressure

In the upper reaches the Meramec River is still small but powerful enough to create and destroy gravel bars. What makes water so strong?

Water in Nature

Of course water is found in creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans. It supports fish and many other creatures from single celled creatures to giant whales.

This summer’s Water Project will not be visiting any of this. There is not enough time. Perhaps next summer we can explore this part of water.


What Will Become of The Water Project?

Like last summer’s pumpkin projects, these too will be included in a science book. Already I am planning the stories about wells, waste water treatment, dowsing and more.

How many puzzles can I create about water? I don’t know – yet. Which kinds of puzzles did you like the best in The Pumpkin Project?

There aren’t too many recipes for water. Those I know of are great summer treats. Perhaps I will find a few more specialties.

Water Project: pressure

The water tower is a common site in many towns. Why are they built? How do they work?

Doing the Projects

Each week over June, July and the beginning of August there will be a project about some aspect of water. Some are simple and require very few materials. Others are more complex.

The first Project is up next week. Please join me for a summer of water fun.